Kurent - Korant

Kurent - Korant is a central Carnival figure of Podravje region with Haloze. After him we named the Carnival Kurentovanje. It is the most common and the most popular Carnival mask.

Kurents - Korants that we know today, are coming form folk tradition. In the past only unmarried men were allowed to wear the Kurent - Korant mask. Today is not so strict. The mask is worn by unmarried and married men as well and even by women and children.

Kurent - Korant hasonly one name, but two accentuations because in Ptuj it is called Kurent and in suburb with Haloze is called Korant.

But we also know two sorts of Kurent - Korant; feathery Kurent - Korant from Markovci region with Ptuj and horned from Haloze. They are both made out of sheepskin around the belt they have a chain with bells they wear leggings made of wool (read, green), they are booted in heavy boots, on the head they wear a scary mask (with feathers or horns). With all that they carry a stick which has hedgehogs skin (needles) fixed on top.

People are annotating the spiritual forces to the Kurent - Korant. They are thinking (they used to think) that Kurent - Korant with his demonic likeness jumping and chiming with bells chases the winter away and brings the spring into the Land.

Kurent - Korant is the mask, the symbol and the ambassador of Ptuj, the region of Ptuj and Slovenia also!



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