Kurentovanje is the biggest public event in Slovenia with traditional carnivals. The purpose of the carnivals is to preserve cultural history of civilization and ethnographical tradition of region Ptuj and Slovenia also. The time of carnivals (Kurentovanje) brings magical happiness and high spirits on the streets of Ptuj. This is very mystically time of year that attracts more than 100 000 visitors.

It comes from a hundred years old tradition of celebrating on a Podravje region. Pust (the time of the carnivals and Kurentovanje) is the time when customs and habits are brought to light, that remain hidden during the whole year. It is the time when you are allowed to be crazy and you are allowed to do anything you wish, you are allowed to wear any mask you wish, as silly as possible.

Traditional Kurentovanje in Ptuj is an entertainment that begins on Saturday, one week before Pustni Tuesday, with a meeting of all traditional masks from Slovenia.
Performances take turn for whole week. In the afternoons the streets and squares of Ptuj come alive. You can see all sorts of artists, street actors, musicians...

In the evening you can continue the masked ball, with plenty of food and drink in the carnival hall, where you can also enjoy good national and foreign musical groups.

Performances reach the top on Sunday with traditional international masked procession which is seen by more than 70 000 visitors. Pust ends on Pustni Tuesday, with burial of Pust.

In Slovenia you can find many original traditional masks, but we think here are the most beautiful and the most original. The authentic mask of KURENT - KORANT is not known just in Slovenia but all over the world.

Kurentovanje is not just a performance, it is an experience you would not forget, so don't miss it!

During the Kurentovanje we are offering you:

  • special carnival offers with low prices and carnival program
  • in Hotel Mitra (guests only) you can buy weekly tickets for the carnival hall
  • we are organizing workshops where you can make original masks and paper flowers (common for Ptuj region)
  • music animation in Hotel Coffeehouse

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