From spring to autumn hotel and other guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the open-air atrium – Mithra’s garden – which can become a stage for different performances right in the core of the historic town.

The atrium is meant for relaxation in the open air far from the bustle of town, where a refreshing drink, a cup of Kipertz coffee or a cake from the coffee house can be consumed in peace. The atrium can be hired for a social event, a meeting or a concert as well as for a theatre performance and a business reception.

Persan god of light and protector from evil.
Mithra was worshiped in particular by the Roman soldiers and some Emperors on the throne during the last epoch of the Roman Empire. The worship of Mithra was especially widely spread along the border in the Pannonian plain. That is why so many remains of Mithra's temples are to be found in Ptuj and its surroundings.

Mithra, god of light
God of light, Mithra, indisputably won the dual between good and evil, at least according to the Roman administration officials and soldiers who built several temples dedicated to Mithra. The belief has it that Mithra had to drag a bull in a cave and perform a sacrifice, and from the bull’s blood and flesh were created plants, animals and people. Mithra protected the newly created life and obtained water from a rock with his arrow. In general, only good deeds were attributed to Mithra. That was why at the end, he was embraced by light and grace.


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