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Accomodation Hotel Mitra Ptuj

Hotel Mitra Ptuj - predstavitev hotelskih sob

The rooms are stylistically divided up and furnished in five styles:

  • Ancient Rome, 
  • Middle Ages, 
  • Bourgeoisie,
  • Secession,
  • Contemporary.

If you wish, you may choose the room that suits you best, depending on the look and story behind it.


Jurijeva soba - 206 - Hotel Mitra Ptuj

206. St. George's Room

Awakening, St. George (275/280 - 303), Martyr and Saint. Double-bed. St. George will awaken spring for us again. He will kill the dragon, and with it, its cold and evil. You will know that we honor him by his shield in the Ptuj city coat of arms, by his church standing in the city and […]
Sobe v Hotelu Mitra Ptuj - Domačnost

207. The Rooster's Room

Homeliness, The Home Flock. Double-bed. There is no farmyard without a rooster and no real bourgeois cuisine without a good stew. Poultry farming in Ptuj’s sorroundings is several centuries old, so it is no coincidence that the largest Slovenian and international poultry company – Perutnina Ptuj – originated and still grows in Ptuj. The area […]
Soba Habsburžanov - 211 - Hotel Mitra Ptuj

211. The Habsburgs’ Room

Ruling, The Habsburgs, a Ruling Dynasty (13th century - 1918). Double-bed. In the second half of the 13th century, from the small castle of Habichberg in Swabia, they began to spread their rule over Europe and soon grew into the mightiest European dynasty. The Habsburgs became German, Hungarian-Croatian, as well as Spanish kings and emperors, […]
Soba Anne Wittule - 304 - Hotel Mitra Ptuj

304. Anna Wittula’s Room

Story, Anna Wittula (1861 - 1918), Ptuj Writer. Double-bed. Was the Ptuj writer Anna Wittula speaking of herself when she described the fate of the girl Ančka, or did she know the life of another Ančka so well? We are certainly indebted to Anna for writing an entire novel about our proud house in “The […]