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Hotel Mitra Ptuj - hotel with a story

Hotel Mitra Ptuj - Story hotel - interier

Hotel with a Story

Hotel Mitra Ptuj belongs to a chain of smaller boutique hotels run in the manner of family establishments, called Story Hotels. These are hotels that, in addition to having excellent accommodation services, also offer an interesting story and highlight the traditional values and characteristics of their town and region, and project an authentic, pleasant and homely atmosphere in which guests always feel relaxed and comfortable, like at home.

The main principle of our work is to listen to the individual wishes and needs of each guest with genuine hospitality and to make them feel like they are visiting their own residence. Together we will do our best to tell you a story about the hotel that you will gladly remember, a story that you will be happy to tell to relatives and friends, a story that you will co-create, want to experience again, and always feel at home in.

Contact: Peter Vesenjak,