Specialities of Slovene farms

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Tradicionalni dogodki na Ptuju - Dobrote s slovenskih kmetij

Specialities of Slovene farms

The traditional exhibition “Specialities of Slovene Farms” is already a central and well-known event in Ptuj, where local farmers present their homemade culinary delicacies.

The Specialities of Slovenian Farms offer culinary delicacies such as:  baked goods, dairy and meat products, vinegars, oils, dried fruits, fruit wines, juices, jams, spirits, wines, compotes and canned vegetables.

During the event, a rich cultural program that attracts many domestic and foreign visitors unfolds. Visitors may also taste and buy delicious homemade products.

Welcome to Ptuj – city of countless culinary delights. 


During the “Specialities of Slovenian Farms” event, hotel Mitra Ptuj offers:

  • special packages with affordable prices for rooms and events
  • award-winning traditional desserts and specialities served in the hotel café