The “Kurentovanje” Carnival

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The "Kurentovanje" Carnival

The “Kurentovanje” is the biggest carnival event of public importance in Slovenia. The traditional organized events aim to maintain and develop the exceptional cultural heritage and ethnographic tradition of the Ptuj-area and Slovenia as a whole. The joy and playfulness of the carnival, along with a touch of mysticism, attracts more than 100.000 visitors to the city’s streets and squares each year.

It originates from the centuries-old tradition of celebrating the time of “Pust” in the Drava and Ptuj fields, a time when carnival masks and old customs allow us to express our otherwise hidden joy and merriment.

The traditional Ptuj “Kurentovanje” is an event that starts on Saturday, a good week before Shrove Tuesday, with a meeting of typical Slovenian carnival characters and masks.

Various events are scheduled for the whole week. The city streets and squares come alive in the afternoon with performances by artists, street theaters and musicians, and in the evenings, the party continues in carnival costumes with plenty of good food and drink in the carnival hall, where popular domestic and foreign music groups perform.

The main event of the carnival occurs on Sunday with the traditional international carnival parade, watched by between 60,000 and 70,000 visitors. The carnival ends on Shrove Tuesday with the burial of “Pust”.

Ptujsko Kurentovanje - Kurent
Ptujsko Kurentovanje - Kurent

Slovenia is home to very diverse and colorful carnival customs and more than a hundred different folk masks, but in our opinion the most famous and interesting ones can be found right here during Ptuj's “Kurentovanje” carnival. The traditional “Kurent” or “Korant” carnival character is not only known throughout Slovenia, but the entire world.

The Ptuj “Kurentovanje” carnival is not just an event; it is an experience that you should definitely not miss.

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“Kurent” – the Central Carnival Character

The “Kurent” or “Korant” is the central traditional carnival mask of the Ptuj Carnival and at the same time the most famous and popular traditional carnival character of the Ptuj and Drava fields as well as the Haloze area.

The Kurents as we know them today come from old folk tradition. In the past, only unmarried men were allowed to don the Kurent’s mask, but today even women and children participate.

We know two types of Kurents: the feathered “Korant” from Markovci and the horned “Kurent” from Haloze. The Kurent is dressed in a sheepskin coat, wears a chain with bells around his waist, gaiters on his legs and an ornate mask on his head. His outfit also includes a club adorned with hedgehog quills called a “ježevka”, which he holds in his left hand.

People attribute supernatural powers to the Kurents, as their demonic appearance, jumping rituals and ringing bells are supposed to chase out the winter and call spring back to the land.

The Kurent is the mascot, symbol and ambassador of Ptuj, the Ptuj area and Slovenia as a whole.

Ptujsko Kurentovanje - Kurent