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A place for business meetings, social gatherings and banquets in Ptuj – the oldest town in Slovenia

Zgodovina družabnosti - Prireditveni prostori v Hotelu Mitra Ptuj

Centuries of sociability

The story of sociability at the Mitra Hotel began as early as 1786, when Jožef Kipertz, the first coffee-roaster in Ptuj, became the owner of the building. He later opened a café and managed a large ballroom in the building, where he entertained guests at gala dances, banquets and other events. In 1802, Kipertz sold the building to then 39-year-old innkeeper Henrik Jožef Strauss and his 26-year-old wife Alojzija, who went on to entertain the public of Ptuj at dances and events. Some printed invitations like this one from 1818 were preserved: “Grand Ball Invitation”. 

In 1809, Mr. Strauss died, and the house along with the café was taken over by the young widow Alojzija. The lady was a very enterprising woman. She named the café and inn "Zum goldenen Strauss"  (= At the Golden Ostrich). This is how the inn got a resounding name, while Alojzija also preserved the memory of her first husband. 

Hotel Mitra Ptuj offers you and your business partners two conference rooms, which are connected to the rich historical heritage and history of the hotel. Stories from the city’s rich history are present in every room in the Mitra Hotel, which is why we also named the conference rooms salons, as they emanate a special feeling of authenticity and hospitality.

Salon herberstein za poslovna srečanja - Hotel Mitra Ptuj
Salon Herberstein v Hotelu Mitra Ptuj

The Herberstein Salon

The Counts Herberstein in Ptuj
(1873 - 1945)
The salon is intended for small business meetings of a more exclusive nature, up to 10 people.

Hotel Mitra Ptuj - Prireditveni prostori - Salon Petoviona

The Petoviona Salon

Petoviona - the former Roman city – today's Ptuj

A salon for small business meetings of up to 10 people.

Hotel Mitra Ptuj - Prireditveni prostori - Salon Alojzije Strauss

The Alojzija Strauss Salon

Alojzija Strauss was an enterprising innkeeper who ran the “At the Golden Ostrich” inn in the current Mitra Hotel building.
The salon is intended for larger business or social events and can accommodate up to 70 people.
The expanded layout option of the Alojzija Strauss salon can accommodate up to 100 people.