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Ptuj – city of coffee and the Kipertz Café

Kavarna Kipertz - Hotel Mitra Ptuj - prijeten ambient kavarne

The place for coffee lovers – Hotel Mitra.

Coffee roasting mills and coffee shops are a defining part of Ptuj’s rich history. The story of coffee in Ptuj begins right here in Hotel Mitra, where the family owned Kipertz Café – the first coffee roasters in Ptuj – was founded in 1785. 

Jožef Kipertz bought the building along with a license to roast his own coffee, which he then sold in his café, thus transforming the current hotel building into one of the first and most famous cafés and roasters in Ptuj. Kipertz also renovated and rebuilt the house, creating space for a ballroom that hosted balls and gala events, while also being the first to bring the game of billiards to the city of Ptuj.

Jožef Kipertz owned the hotel building from 1785-1802. He was host to important events and gala evenings and above all known as an excellent merchant and coffee roaster. The Kipertz Café at the Mitra Hotel is open to hotel guests, locals and those who just want to taste authentic Ptuj-roasted coffee.

Kipertz coffee will simply enchant you with its tempting aroma and unique taste. You will be able to observe the lively hustle and bustle of the city in front of the café or relax in the calming atmosphere of Mitra’s Garden while enjoying your favorite coffee. We also spoil our guests with fresh croissants, delicious desserts, pralines and an assortment of refreshing drinks.

Kavarna Kipertz - Hotel Mitra Ptuj - pogled na ulico
Kavarna Kipertz - Hotel Mitra Ptuj - sezonska ponudba

Kipertz Café Offers

The café of the Mitra Hotel in Ptuj also adds a seasonal touch. In winter, for example, you can warm yourself up with a cup of mulled white or red wine, mulled gin or hot grog, while in summer we recommend a freshly prepared lemonade or cocktail.

Friday and Saturday, we host meetings of locals and guests on relaxed evenings with live music and occasional performances by theater actors and artists. In the evenings, we serve top quality local wines from our Osterberger Wine Cellar, accompanied by a wide variety of local cheeses.

In the Kipertz café, you can enjoy our own brand of locally roasted coffee, which is only available here, at the Mitra Hotel in Ptuj. “Coffee Story Kipertz” is a continuation of the story of Jožef Kipertz from 1786. The hotel’s café is embedded in the story and carries a centuries-old tradition of coffee making. The Kipertz brand coffee is a mixture of selected premium and aromatic types of coffee, roasted in the center of Ptuj, which is also shown on our special packaging with a motif of the Ptuj skyline. The whole story of the brand expresses tradition, quality, charm and enjoyment. The two coffee beans on the packaging position the product as a top quality coffee and illustrate the enjoyment of its aroma, freshness and excellent taste. With a combination of purple, black and flowing gold, the colors give the brand a touch of modernity, which intertwines with tradition and expresses its character and quality.  

In the city of Ptuj, we also organize a yearly Coffee Festival in September, which attracts many visitors.  Coffee roasters, baristas and confectioners gather in the city center to present their craft and products, with many events and seminars taking place.


Kipertz Coffee

The taste and aroma of the modernized Kipertz coffee recipe will gently wake your senses and embrace your day.


Kavarna Kipertz - Hotel Mitra Ptuj - hišna kava Kipertz
Prijetno vzdušje v Kavarni Kipertz - Hotel Mitra Ptuj

Opening Hours

The Kipertz Café on the ground floor of the Mitra Hotel is open daily:

from Monday to Thursday 08.00 - 23.00
on Friday and Saturday08.00 - 24.00
on Sundays and public holidays08.00 - 22.00

Guests of the Mitra Hotel can also order room service from the café. Room service is free of charge.