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Coffee Story® Kipertz

Kavarna Kipertz - Hotel Mitra Ptuj

COFFEE STORY® Kipertz is a continuation of the story that began in 1786. Jožef Kipertz was the owner of the present hotel building, organizer of gala balls and social evenings, and above all an excellent trader and coffee roaster. Since he brought café-culture to Ptuj, the smell of freshly roasted coffee has been spreading from today's Mitra Hotel for centuries.

The hotel’s café is embedded in the story and named after the famous coffee roaster. For this purpose, the hotel also offers its own hotel coffee "Kipertz", which is a mixture of selected premium and aromatic types of coffee.

The hotel coffee will appear and be marketed under the “COFFEE STORY® Kipertz" brand, for which a special packaging with a Ptuj skyline motif has been designed, that communicates tradition, quality, charm, enjoyment. The two large coffee beans position the product as a top quality coffee brand and convey its aroma, freshness and excellent taste. The color combination of purple, black, and flowing gold gives the packaging a touch of modernity that intertwines with tradition and expresses its character and quality.