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Terms of use

Legal provisions

Hosting d.o.o. shall attempt, with all due diligence, to provide accurate and up-to-date information on their website, but they do not take any responsibility for their accuracy and integrity. All users use the published content at their own responsibility. Neither Hosting d.o.o. nor any other natural or physical entity, which was involved in the design or making of the website, shall be responsible for any possible damage arising from access, use or inability to use the information on these websites or for any other faults or deficiencies in their content.

Within legally permissible limits, any information and images on the Hotel Mitra Ptuj website are subject to copyright or other form of intellectual property protection. The documents published on these websites may be reproduced only for non-commercial purposes, but they are required to keep all stated warnings and copyrights or other rights, and shall not be copied, reproduced or disseminated in any other way for commercial purposes.

Hosting d.o.o. reserves the right to change the content on the websites anytime, in any manner whatsoever and irrespective of the reason, without any advance warning. Doing so, they do not assume the responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

Privacy protection and personal data use

Hosting d.o.o. shall protect all data obtained about visitors on the website in accordance with the valid Slovenian and European legislation. 

All details about personal data processing by Hosting d.o.o., Prešernova ulica 6, 3270 2250 Ptuj, can be found in Personal data protection.

Booking of facilities

Our website enables you to book our facilities in two different ways. The first is through an inquiry form, whereby a user sends their inquiry and we send them our offer. The inquiry or our offer shall not be considered a confirmed booking, because the essential condition for the validity of the registration is the confirmed booking or our offer by the user or buyer. If you fail to send your confirmation, the reservation will be considered as though it has never been ordered. Further, we also provide the possibility of direct booking (only booking, where the buyer enters credit card information as an assurance), and online booking and payment by credit card (in the event of the so-called non-refundable booking, when a buyer’s account is immediately charged). In this case booking will be confirmed and paid as soon as the Buyer finally confirms the payment procedure. In the event of online booking and/or payment it is considered the user or buyer has read these General terms and conditions and agrees to them. Booking is subject to a valid payment card.

Online purchase or booking procedure

In the purchase procedure, a user (buyer) can use the following technical steps:

  • selects the date of arrival and departure
  • selects number of adults and children

After completed booking or purchase a buyer receives report to their email about the performed booking and the confirmation that their credit card has been charged (in the event of pre-payment). The buyer shall receive the invoice after completed service, at the reception of the destination of stay.

Depending on the method of entry in the booking system, it can be entered by a user at different stages, where specific booking criteria have been pre-selected depending on the permissions to use cookies.

Prices, descriptions of packages and services

The primary service is bed and breakfast. All prices are in EUR, they include VAT and apply at the moment of the confirmed order. We reserve the right to changes and errors in prices, published text and descriptions of the content without any prior notification. Pictures are symbolic and do not always fully reflect the actual situation.


The provider uses appropriate technological and organisational resources for the protection of transfer and storage of personal data and payments. For such purposes, the provider uses the 256-bit SSL certificate, issued by the duly authorised organisation.


Upon booking or purchase of services and in accordance with your permission we also collect data about your use of our website using cookies and similar technologies. More information about how such technologies are used is available in the Privacy policy.


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