Summer fairs

In the Middle Ages were fairs the most important way for making business. The fairs didn't last only for a day (as they do today), they lasted for a few days, even for a several weeks, because people travelled a long way to get to Ptuj. Today we still have three fairs (named after Saints); Jurijev, Ožboltov and Katarinin.

Fairs draw people from near and far away into the town. For travelling salesman were the fairs the best opportunity to make a bargain.

This way of making business is very old, and is known by old nations. They were the one who made special rules for fair time. The oldest written in Ptuj are from year 1376 and 1513.

Early in the morning on a first fair day, people raised a market sign named Roka Pravice - Hand of Justice. That was a metallic hand which was holding a sword. As soon as the hand was raised they made a traditional march through the town with a whistler, drummer. So that everyone could know that the fair began, they fired a shot with mortar. The time, the Hand of Justice was raised was designed for selected merchants. In the afternoon they took down the Hand of Justice and everyone could make a business. They also put measures used in Ptuj on a town gate and all merchants had to use them.

Today you can find tradition and novelty going hand in hand on a fair in Ptuj.  You can buy antiques, modern technical devices and tradesman's products.

Jurijev fair is on April 23rd the most interesting thing is the medieval market which is organised by an association Kraljevo cesarski Ptuj - Royal Imperial Ptuj.

Ožbaltov fair is on August 5th.

Katarinin fair is on November 25th and is an introduction into a Christmas time.

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